The Dirt

What clients are saying.

“The finished verbal brand guide we walked away with was great — so polished and professional, and such a helpful resource. It definitely exceeded our expectations and it’s used a lot. I feel like we’re always referencing it and going back to it as this source of truth and alignment.”
— Katie Mentus, Head of Design/Founding Team, TravelBank
“Rachel dug in with us to learn our market and discover what would work best for our audiences. She plugged in with design, helped strategize our IA, and developed a great new verbal identity for us from taglines to positioning statement which we still use to date. I would absolutely recommend her.”
— Jonathan Salama, Co-Founder, President / CTO, Transfix
“Our team really enjoyed working with Rachel. She brought great energy, vision, structure and fun to the work. She is a strong driving force and has a natural ability to motivate and mobilize an entire team using creative approaches. She is a thoughtful listener, taking in everything we shared and was able to synthesize on the spot and deliver clarity and recommendations for directions back.”
— Anna Engstrom, Product Design Lead, Evidation Health
“Rachel had a much-needed positivity, and did a great job of helping us stay organized as well as really taking the intent of what we needed to do and translating it into language. It was one of those things that was surprisingly effortless—Rachel 100% made me look like I was able to hire the right people.”
— Jon Dobrowolski, Director of Product, XO Group

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